How do I set up my account with Associa?
-Request username and password from Brock Schuler at Associa and click on app.townsq.io/login to set-up your account. Here you’ll be able to pay your HOA dues.

How do I get a Pool Keycard?
-New Neighbors need to complete the cover page of our New Neighbor Welcome Package and return it to David Dunn at Associa. 
-If you lost your pool keycard, please fill our the Pool Keycard Replacement Form and follow the instructions on the bottom of the form. 

When do the pools open/close for the season?
-In general, the pool will open on Memorial Day weekend and close the day after Labor Day.
However, in past years the pool has opened several weeks before Memorial Day and stayed open until the weather turned cold.
-The official opening and closing dates will be communicated each year through email announcements and on our website.

Are animals allowed at the pool?
-No pets are allowed inside the fenced pool area, the tennis court and the playground.

Can I reserve the pavilion or the pool for a party?
-Yes. In an effort to avoid potential chaos associated with multiple parties occurring simultaneously, please send a note to events@swwhoa.com at least 7 days prior to the event. Approved parties will be displayed on our pool bulletin board.

Do I need to reserve the Tennis Court?
-No reservations required for the use of the Tennis Court.

I want to add a screen room to my deck. Are there any HOA regulations?
-Yes. Any changes to your property have to get prior authorization from our Architectural Review Committee. Please fill out the Architectural Improvement Application Form and send form to ARC@swwhoa.com for approval.

Where can I order a replacement address plaque for my mailbox?
-Please see the Mailbox Replacement & Repair Information  document for a list of known area vendors.

How can I get involved?
-If you are interested in joining a committee, volunteering at a community event or have general feedback, please contact committees@swwhoa.com

When are the HOA meetings?
-Board meetings are held monthly (or as needed) with an Annual Homeowner meeting held in September. Exact date and location of the annual meeting will be announced each year through email and on our website.